The course complies with all CRM trainer requirements as detailed in Part ORO.FC.115, Part CC and Part ORO.CC.115.  This programme provides a minimum of 18 training hours (24 plus hours are programmed) (GM3 ORO.FC.115 & GM2 ORO.CC115(e) – Minimum Training Times).



Course Aim

This course is designed for CRM trainers to develop their knowledge level and be able to deliver CRM training to both flight crew and cabin crew.  The focus of the course is to expand delegate’s knowledge of modular CRM topics as well as practical application in the classroom through effective facilitation skills.  There are a maximum of 4 delegates on the course. 


The course strives to ensure that delegates enjoy the experience, find it useful to their own operation and leave with greater knowledge, confidence and a passion for the whole area of human behaviour both on and off an aircraft.



Course Objectives:

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:


  1. Know the background and purpose of CRM Training

  2. Describe elements of Human Performance and Limitations/Human Factors and how this links into CRM training

  3. Learn and use the Human Factors Model

  4. Have a greater knowledge of CRM modular topics including startle effect and resilience

  5. Apply the legislative requirements to different types of CRM training programmes

  6. Plan, deliver and evaluate effective training sessions

  7. Use effective questioning techniques.

  8. Develop effective listening skills.

  9. Employ a facilitative training style

  10. Use a Behavioural Marker system

  11. Use and develop case studies for effective learning

  12. Identify and apply strategies to deal with different and difficult behaviours

  13. Describe how an effective SMS and FRMS is a driver for enhanced HF training

  14. Describe delegate’s own organisation and their specific operational challenges

  15. Know how to manage difficult and challenging behaviours

  16. Review personal strengths and weaknesses.