The course covers all regulatory requirements for flight crew and cabin crew fire and smoke theoretical and practical training as detailed in Part CC (cabin crew initial training), AMC1 ORO.FC.220(c),230(2), AMC1 ORO.CC.125(c)(d),140(a),(b)


This Course is designed for instructors who train fire and smoke. It is an interactive course combining theoretical knowledge with practical application (knowledge and skills.)


Course Aim

This two-day course is intended for instructors to be able to carry out fire and smoke training, in a safe environment with confidence and competence.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:


  • Know the fire and smoke training legislative requirements for flight crew and cabin crew

  • Know how human behaviour affects the way we deal with emergency situations

  • Recognise and understand the seriousness of fire/smoke and fire progression

  • Review and expand knowledge of fire composition, classes of fire, flashover and backdraft

  • Review fire incidents and lessons learnt

  • Know and able to use fire equipment including extinguishers and smoke hoods

  • Describe and explain fire prevention techniques and accepted procedures for dealing with in-flight fires

  • Describe the role of the fire service and what happens during an emergency

  • Brief and learn the health and safety requirements for setting up and conducting practical fire and smoke training

  • Brief and conduct effective and realistic practical fire exercises

  • Instruct and support delegates to move in smoke filled environments

  • Use all training equipment effectively

  • Assess and check crew’s level of competence – written and practical assessments