Teaching and Learning (Instructional Techniques)

This 4-day course follows the syllabi requirements as defined in AMC1.FCL.930.FI – Training Course Part 1.

This course will provide you with the core skills to be able to design and deliver training within the classroom, simulator or line training.

When: On demand

£2400 up to 6 delegates     
£700 per person (min 4)

Instructor Development Course

This 2-day course is for instructors with some experience who would like to develop their skills in both course     
development and delivery.  

When: On demand        
£1,200 up to 6 delegates 
£350 per person (min 4)  

Aviation Medicine Instructor Course

This 3-day course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver Aviation Medicine training to flight crew and cabin crew.
When: On demand       
£1,800 up to  6 delegates

**Aircraft Type Specific Instructor Course

2-days. Boeing 737, 757, 767 and Airbus A319, A320, A321.                   
When: On demand
£1540 plus £120 pp for use of practical facilities

Crew Resource Management Trainer (CRM Ground)

This 4-day course will enable you to design and deliver useful, relevant and interesting CRM training to flight crew, cabin crew and other working groups such as operations.

When: On demand      
£2800 up to 6 delegates    
£800 per person (min 4)

Crew Resource Management Trainer Refresher Course

EASA Guidance Material states that a CRM trainer should receive refresher training every 3 years.

When: On demand     
£700 up to 6 delegates

**Fire and Smoke Instructor Course         

This 2-day course enables instructors to deliver theoretical and practical fire training to flight crew and cabin crew.

When: On demand 
£1540 plus £50 pp for use of practical facilities

**Survival and Wet Drill Instructor

This one-day course is intended for instructors to be able to carry out survival theoretical training and practical wet drill, in a safe environment with confidence and competence.

When: On demand 

*All classroom courses are based on delivery at your own venue.  If courses are held at our training venue, close to LGW, there will be additional classroom hire charge applied - £100/£170 per day. 

**This fee includes use of classroom facilities.  This training needs to be carried out at our training venue close to LGW as all practical facilities are located there.

All prices quoted exclude VAT