The course follows the syllabus requirements as defined in AMC1.FCL.930.FI – Training Course Part 1.


This four-day course is intended either for new instructors or those instructors wishing to refresh their current skills.  It is intended for those who train within a classroom (ground trainers) or aircraft environment (simulator and line trainers). The aim of this course is ‘To be able to design and deliver training sessions with competence, clarity and confidence.  To be able to assess work performance and deliver effective feedback.’ 





By the end of the course, you will be able to:


  • Know what effective training is and able to identify good and poor training characteristics

  • Describe effective training through competency-based assessment

  • Know the different learning styles and how this affect the way adults learn

  • Describe how the trainer’s style can affect the learning process

  • Know how adults learn, retain information and develop skills

  • Know and use the 5 stages of the training cycle

  • Set clear learning outcomes for knowledge, skill and attitude-based training sessions

  • Structure lesson plans for both theoretical and practical training sessions

  • Able to use visual aids competently

  • Conduct effective theoretical and practical training sessions within a set time frame

  • Able to ask and respond to questions effectively

  • Be able to give and receive effective feedback

  • Know when and how to use both instructional and facilitative training techniques

  • Reviewed and applied TEM concepts

  • Have developed and practised techniques and strategies for dealing with challenging trainees and situations

  • Write effective reports and action plans on trainees’ performance

  • Know your own strengths and weaknesses